Saturday, August 20, 2011

An Update

So it has been a month since I have had a chance to update this blog but it's because this past month has been full of long days and new experiences.

I finished my job as a nanny and have vowed to never do that job again. It is always worth it in the end because the girls and I come to an understanding about why we act the way we do. I just hope that I have made an impact on these girls even though I was only their nanny for two summers. I want to see them grow up, but I know I won't have that opportunity.

As soon as I was done with my job, I headed back to Athens. I am living in my sorority house again this year but I am on the 3rd floor in a secluded corner. It's already shaping up to be a much different experience from last year. I have a positive attitude about this year, but it's weird to feel disconnected from the girls my age since most of them have apartments this year. I guess it's a wait and see kind of experience.

We had sorority recruitment the first two weeks of August, so most of my days were spent within the four walls of the sorority house learning chants and how to converse with potential new members. In the end, all of our hard work paid off and we got over 65 new members. Since I was not an anchormate this year, Bid Day was a little bit more relaxed because I just had to meet as many new girls as possible instead of showing the ropes to a new girl. I love that each year of recruitment brings with it a new set of feelings and emotions. It's one of those constant reminders of what my sorority can/does mean to me!

Bucket List Item: I went to The Grill in downtown Athens after Bid Day. I think it is one of those places that I need to go after my 21st birthday and get something late night!

This past week was my first week of school as a junior in college. I have officially passed the halfway mark of my college career and, to be honest, it's a scary thought that I am going to have to enter the real world sooner rather than later. In order to find an internship for next summer, I am going to have to commit time and energy to find who is offering positions and if I can see myself working at that firm. I love my accounting major because there are so many options for me when I get out of school but I am not really looking forward to having to do the research to find the job.

The best thing about this week has been starting my new leadership class. It is such an exciting time and I know that I am going to be making a lot of changes in the next few months. We are already reading a lot of interesting articles and they are making an impact on me. I will definitely be blogging about all the exciting things going on!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dangling with Hope

"Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?'"

I was thinking about hope on the way back to my house last night. It is one of those complicated feelings because it combines all the desires for things to work out with all the despair of nothing going right. I think most people are stuck in that middle place for a majority of their lives.  I know it is difficult for me to put my full faith into something that I am only guessing to be true.

I guess I am thinking about it because it's a state of being that I have started to incorporate more often into my thoughts. Instead of worrying about every detail of my life, I just have to hope that things will work out in the end. My problem with this idea is that living only on hope leads to somewhat mediocre results. I hope that everything that I am doing leads to a final result I am satisfied with but I have my hands in so many different pots that its hard to determine which endeavor I am more driven by. It is this battle that defines the boundaries of hope and I have to determine the middle ground.

We hope not only for ourselves but also for all the people around us who we care about and I think I tend to give a little bit too much of my emotional energy to that hope. I should be worried about myself and being satisfied with my own life rather than obessing over if my friends and family are going to take that next step. In the end, their lives are going to work out how they are suppose to and I need to be making sure that my life does the same. I guess it's better to pray that my family and friends are satisfied with their lives then to constantly hope. Maybe prayer is hope. We are giving God our hopes and allowing him to decide how the cards should fall.

Hope was combined with Faith and Love to create this trifecta of emotions. In order for us to live a more satisfying life, we can never lose hope, must always have faith and must feel love from those around us. I can't decide if that's too complicated or too simple. I guess it seems too simple for our complicated lives.

My goal is to focus my hope. Figure out exactly what I want to do and make it my top priority, then focus on my family and friends. That's what hope is truly about...desiring something and finding the means to achieve it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Weekend

What an amazing weekend it has been! For the past few weeks I have started to discover how relaxing it is being at my own house slowly marking things off my To Do list while also being lazy. It's an odd sense of peace that I don't think I have ever experienced.

Finding enjoyment out of the little things is definitely something that I have tried to work on this summer. I can tell what kind of day I am going to have at work just by the attitude that I have when I get into the car and by the attitude that my girls have when they greet me. It's very funny to me how early children start to pick up on underlying emotions. This experience has truly made me discover that if I get up every morning and decide to have a good attitude, my day will probably go smoother than when I get up hating my job. Seems like a pretty good goal for the next year of my life...find a way to be in control of my attitude on a daily basis and strive to make each day as good as the last.

I have also been in worker bee mode this weekend. Maybe it's the realizing that I have four short weeks left before I will be back in Athens or maybe it's realizing that I have been lazy for a few too many days, but I have been baking, sewing, reading and relaxing the last 72 hours. I want to be able to do this stuff all the time. I think I am trying to soak in as much enjoyment as possible before heading back to school because I know that when classes start back that life becomes more routine.

I have found hobbies which might make me sound like a 90 year old women but who cares! I enjoy knitting and working on puzzles. There is such satisfaction in both of these activities. I finally finished one of the puzzles I have been working on for possibly the last five years and miracuously all the pieces were still intact after being moved multiple times.

The biggest part of this weekend has been me realizing that great satisfaction comes from spending time with people I care about. Like everyone says, we only have this one life to do the things we want to do. We don't have a do over and life doesn't have a sequel. Life isn't always about trying to be the smartest person in the room and while doing so avoiding social interaction. Life is and always will be social. It's a necessity to the survival of human beings. I am not saying that this realization has completely changed my social attitude but it has definitely given me perspective. I am still going to be my quiet, observant self but what do I have to lose by making myself be social. In the long run, putting myself out there will probably do more good to my self esteem than harm.

All of these realizations come from a weekend in which I spent Friday night at home, Saturday night at the baseball game and Sunday night at the fairgrounds enjoying a fireworks display from "behind the scenes". Now I get to spend the day with my family and getting myself ready to get back to work tomorrow, but isn't that what lifes suppose to be...full days of work followed by days of relaxing. I have come to think so.

Happy 4th of July!! A time for food, fun and a little bit of reflection =)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Technology and Children

I just blew up my own blog by posting so much but this topic is something that I have been thinking about the last few days. I know that I am probably going to sound so old by ranting about this topic but it really makes me think what life will be like for my kids.

I am nanny this summer for an 8 and 10 year old girl. Not the most glamourous job I will admit, but it does give me the ability to look back at my childhood and see how much life has changed in just a mere 10 years. I am scared what my kids will do on a daily basis. Call me old fashioned but I swear that there are going to be strict rules in my house about what technology my kids are going to be able to have around. I want my kids to be outside playing. I want them to be creative and spend time working on art projects. I want them to play with action figures and dolls. I want them to go to camps and I want them to be friends with all the kids in the neighborhood. Birmingham, Alabama was definitely not my favorite place to live in my childhood but I will give it credit for the fact that I remember my summer days being full of stuff other than technology. It makes me wonder how other people my age are going to treat their children as well. Are we going to feel the need to keep up with technology or will we take a step back and remember what we did in our childhood and hope that our children have as much fun?

Why I bring this subject up is because as a nanny I have started to despise television! I don't want to see another episode of Disney and Nick's most recent show. I have been trying to get my girls to do other things and some days they will agree to leave the television off. I have come to realize that television is not the evil any more. They can sit around all day and play on their dad's iPad or plug themselves into their iPods never even realizing that the television is off or that their nanny is asking them what they want for lunch. There have actual been times when they have said no to play outside with their friends because they are more absorbed in the game in front of them.

I want to be a working mother but I have come to realize that means that I will have to spend a good amount of time away from my children. I am going to make sure that my nanny has all the resources that she needs to make sure that my children do other things besides becoming nombie like figures in front of an electronic device. Call me an irrational future parent but remember those days when your parents told you to do something else besides sit in front of the television. Think about all the fun we had trying to find something else to do and none of the technology that exist today was at our disposel.

College Bucket List

My absolute favorite task this summer has been thinking of all the things that I want to do in Athens before I leave in two years. I am hoping that this list will help me update my blog more in the next few months complete with pictures and stories of my wonderful adventures.

  1. Eat at the following restaurants
    • 5 & 10
    • Amici
    • Black Forest Bakery
    • Casa Mia
    • Clocked
    • DePalma's
    • East West Bistro
    • Ike & Jane
    • La Dolce Vita
    • Mama's Boy
    • Speakeasy
    • The Grit
  2. Go to the Georgia Theatre
  3. Get a DG family picture by the downtown frog
  4. Get 21st B'day shirt from Athens Bottling Co
  5. Find the Creamery
  6. Go to the farmer's market
  7. Find the Iron Horse
  8. Frolic in the fountain on North Campus
  9. Ring the Chapel Bell
  10. Go to Georgia Florida
  11. Go to Jimmy Buffett
  12. See the UGA Acappella groups in concert
  13. Get a picture with our mascots
  14. Stand on the football field
  15. Get a picture by the "tree that owns itself"
  16. Be in Athens for Athfest
  17. Go to a baseball game
  18. Go to a basketball game
  19. Go to a gymnastics meet
  20. Go to a few away football games
  21. Ride a bike through Athens
  22. Go to the Botanical Gardens
  23. Go downtown on each night of the week
  24. Spend time in the Chapel
  25. Experience Twilight Weekend
  26. Go to Sips and Strokes to paint
  27. Get a hot dog from the hot dog guy near North Campus
  28. Walk throught the Arch- meaning that my time at UGA is done and hopefully I have had the time of my life!!
I feel like this list is a good start to the next two years of my life. I have to remember to take pictures so that I will be able to recollect my adventures on this blog! Please let me know if I have forgotten something. I want these next two years to be full of life changing moments :)

Movies Summer 2011!

I thought I would follow up my books with movies that I would like to try to watch before I head back to Athens in August. Enjoy :)

1. Gone with the Wind: I have already watched it once this summer (my first time!) but I want to watch it again to absorb all the details of the film.
2. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: probably one of my favorite movies. It came up in conversation when I went to Athens a few weekends ago and ever since I have wanted to watch it.
3. Harry Potter: I want to watch the film for any of the books that I get through this summer. I feel like it's part of the experience. Just have to find a time when I can sit for a few hours straight and catch up haha!
4. Easy A: I was told by a friend that this movie was one of the best she had seen. I just need to track down a copy of it. Hopefully Redbox will be on my side!
5. The Help: I know this movie hasn't come out yet, but it is definitely one that I will spend the money on to see in theaters. I say that a lot of the time though and then it doesn't happen because it's too expensive. I want this movie to be good because the book was so great!
6. Something Borrowed: This movie is not currently available but is coming out in August on DVD. I wanted to see this movie at the beginning of the summer and never got around to it. Maybe I will be able to end my summer with it.
7. Cars 2: I have heard that it is not as good as the first one but I don't really care. Cars is one of my favorite Pixar movies. I hope that the girls I am nannying are up to seeing this with me.
8. Up: A Pixar movie that I have yet to see. I have heard that it is really good, so I feel like I need to experience it.

It's very hard for me to sit and watch a movie without fidgeting and wanting to do something else, so everyong make me watch these please :)

Summer Reading 2011!

I am stealing this idea from my wonderful friend, but I think it's great to share with other people books that I am enjoying while on a break from school reading. Enjoy :)

Heart of the Matter by: Emily Giffin
I absolutely love Emily Giffin's books. Each book has gotten better and she has a way of making the ordinary chick novels have an extraordinary ending. I guess you could say I was expecting a lot out of this novel and it didn't quite meet my expectations. I didn't know how I wanted it to end because it is difficult to choose between two characters that you have come to know. I guess in the end I realized that the title of the book is very true. Love is more than just a feeling.

The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery
I think I picked up this book two summers ago and never got around to reading it until now. I don't know why I picked it up to begin with but it was definitely something that I needed to read this summer. It's about a pig that basically takes hold of everyone's heart in a small northern town. Sy describes how this pig lives such an easy life and it just gave me prespective on what is important in life.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
See the previous post. One of the best books that I have ever read. It is still resonating with me even a month after I have finished it. I just keep thinking about the ending and what it meant for so many people.

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman
It might not have been the best choice to follow The Help but I don't actually know if any book could follow The Help and capture my heart more. This book's ending also threw me for a loop but I am starting to discover that not understanding the ending of the book on the day you finish is not necessarily a bad thing. These are the books that you continue to think about and only truly understand after you have thought about it for awhile. This book is all about the power of women and how a herd of southern women can change the course of one girl's life. It makes me want to become even more southern and have the power to be whoever I am meant to be. It shows how a child's struggle can be changed by the power of unconditional love.

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
After much convincing from my little sister and others, I have decided it was probably time for me to tackle this ever so popular series of my childhood. I started about two weeks ago and I am already halfway through the third book. I guess that is saying something about the books addicting nature. I haven't decided if I am going to split the series and maybe read part over Christmas break or next summer or just trudge through them this summer so that I can say that I have partaken in the phenomena of my childhood.

I am hoping HP won't take me the rest of the summer, so I can update this post later in the summer with more amazing books that I have been able to complete.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"The Help"

I have lived below the Mason Dixon line my whole life. Yes, part of that time was spent in Texas which really doesn't adhere to the Civil War era label any more but 12 years of my life have been spent in Alabama and Georgia. Seeing as how all of my elementary school years were spent in Alabama and my high school years spent in Georgia, you could say that my education in history has been somewhat limited and never made it past 1899. We would sit in class for weeks discussing the Civil War and by the time I got to middle school I was ready to be done with "the war". I yearned to learn about the roaring 20s and the Great Depression that followed. The wars that changed the face of world and the challenging times of the 20th century never graced the conversations that took place in most of my high school classrooms. Most of my education in these subject matters came from the literature I read in English classes. Can I say I fully absorbed the ideas that were be presented to me then? No, but now I have the opportunity to learn on my own.

I just finished reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett which was as much of an enriching novel as it was a history lesson for me about the the 1960s. Almost every woman in my family has already read this book and when I mentioned that I had started reading it there was a new doorway opened to the history of my family. Most of the people I surround myself with can remember the times when the details described in the book were common place. Those are the types of stories that I like to hear because it makes me realize how much my parents and grandparents have witnessed.

I am tryng to imagine what in today's society is as taboo as the race relations described in "The Help". I still can't decide what I think is going to be my generations' taboo topic. Maybe we won't have one, but it's hard to imagine that we have gotten to a place in our lives where there isn't something that you just can't talk about. We learn from our past and I understand that in the 1960s people didn't know any better but it is continuously shown that most of the time all it takes is one person who is willing to risk their life to make a difference. I am greatful for those people throughout the past 100 years. My life wouldn't be the same if there weren't people fighting for what they believed in and fighting so hard that sometimes they just so happened to change others opinions.

The book points out how important it is for those people to speak their mind. It doesn't even matter how many lies they have to tell to keep people from finding out their secret. In the 1960's, colored women couldn't speak their minds in fear of the consequences. The fact that a white women was willing to take on the task of collecting the stories of the maids and compiling them together to create a complete picture of Jackson, Mississippi shows the bravery of a person who has the chance to change the world. How would we all feel if we got the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of someone else? We probably wouldn't enjoy reading about our own actions but if we care as much about our images as the women of the 1960s did then a manuscript of our own lives would probably make us change our tune real quick.

The most surprising thing about the book was the ending. Since the book is told from three different perspectives it's hard to imagine how everything should be tied up. It's not one of those books where you can predict whose going to live happily ever after. There actually isn't complete closure at the end of the novel, yet as a reader you know what comes next. I got the feeling that the three women in the novel had the freedom they deserved which alluded to the years to follow in their lives when most people would also get that freedom.

Definitely a book that made me think, but that's something that I have wanted recently. I want to be challenged by the things I spend my free time on. I want to learn about our past and make a difference in my future. I am glad that such an enjoyable book has opened up my eyes.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Letting Loose

I have discovered that there are very few moments in my life when I can say that I am completely relaxed. Most of the time when I try to forget about everything that is going on in my life I end up worrying more about something slipping my mind. This weekend I had the opportunity to turn off my commitments and just enjoy being a 20 year old sorority girl. Are there things that I should of taken care of? Yes, but I am learning that people understand. It might hurt me in the long run but right now I have to make myself believe that in the end as long as I am keeping up, people will understand.

This weekend, I finally lived like most 20 year olds. I had friends spend the weekend at my house, staying up until 3 a.m. watching chick flicks and talking about random topics. I got to attend my first wedding for a sorority sister and just enjoyed the evening with all the girls who I have come to love the last two years. The most surprising thing to me is how much you can relax while dancing to some of the best music at a wedding. I love when a couple finds a great DJ for their wedding because it makes the whole atmosphere so much more inviting and relaxed (if I can't use that word enough haha). It is surprising to me that I am coming back to music (I wrote about it in a previous post) because it wasn't until this year that I really discovered my passion for it.

Last night at the wedding reception, I let loose! I let myself dance to all those songs that the DJ was spinning and I realized that by being rigid, I am missing out on an experience. As one of my sorority sisters said, "everyone underestimates you". I am always the responsible one and it takes a lot for me to just give in. I am coming to believe that some people think that I can't have fun. I am here to admit that is completely untrue. Am I self conscious about breaking out of my shell? Yeah but I have come to believe that most people are self conscious about a few things. The benefits of breaking out of my shell and just letting loose far outweigh the cost of trying to follow my own personal rule book. And guess what? It's my own rule book, so I can say that rules are meant to be broken and things can change.

I am making an oath to try to let loose more often in the next few months. I am more conscious of how outside activities can effect my academic life, so I will have more of a handle on making sure that I make myself happy in my academic endeavors but I also realize that making yourself happy in all endeavors can be the best thing you can do for yourself. All of these thoughts were validated today when I realized that not allowing yourself to let loose can lead to much worse outcomes than any consequences that might come from not responding to an email within 24 hours. I am glad I got to enjoy this weekend :) I can't wait until the next time that I absolutely "let loose" and enjoy all the little things that life has to offer.

Delta Gamma Girls

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I made it through the final weeks of the semester and even though I might not be overly thrilled with how my grades ended up, I can say that I made it through the toughest five months of my life. I will never have the opportunity to relive my sophomore year of college but I can't say that I really want to. I think that everything I have done in these past few months has been a learning experience.

My most recent learning experience came with the realization that some people don't know how to survive in the real world. I will preface with the fact that I in no means have my life figured out. I feel like I should be responsible enough to pay some of my bills or live on my own but then again it is just too easy to not have to worry about those things. I will say though that my parents taught me the right way to treat my surroundings. Even though I didn't like the fact that we got rid of our maid in my teenage years, I understand the importance of cleaning up after myself and consistently cleaning the room that surrounds me. How would I ever survive in the real world if I didn't understand those basic concepts? I got to see how some people do it by cleaning out a very large house over the weekend. We had a maid come on Friday afternoon and by Saturday evening there was two times the trash piled up on the back porch then what the maid had taken care of the day before. My mother would of been horrified if I had left my room in such a disarray. I hope other mothers would feel the same way if they saw what I had to clean up over the weekend. I guess it just shows me that having a little bit of respect for your surroundings can make a difference in the long run. Hopefully I can convey to people next year that respect for their surroundings is something that is expected not a happy accident.

Yes, that whole incident was a learning experience on my part and one that I will take with me if and when I get my own place but I am also learning the importance of purging your belongings. I don't really think I cleaned out my room last summer. I kind of moved stuff around to make room for some the things I brought home from college but mostly I just kept everything in the living room downstairs to be moved back to Athens in the fall. This year I decided that in the fall I am moving back to Athens with a minimalistic attitude. I also got home on Sunday night and realized that I no longer had enough room in my closet for all my clothes. Well after three days of looking through all my belongings I have about four trash bags worth of stuff to get rid of and still not enough space on my bookshelf or closet. How did I accumulate all of these things? I have enough t-shirts from my sorority to get me through a month without repeating. I am over stuff. There is too much of it but yet I know that I am still tied to it in some way. Everything has a meaning and it is not until that meaning completely wears out that I can get rid of something. I have been working for three straight days trying to get my room in order and it will still probably take at least two more to be completely finished. Hopefully after this purging session, I will be good for a while but who knows how much I can accumulate within the year.

Cleaning is a necessary part of life. One that has become more apparent to me within the last week. I know from now on I will make myself take care of my surroundings and question myself more often when I want to buy something because I would really prefer not to have to get rid of something that still has the tag on it three years later. It's a skill that needs to be learned by everyone and one that I seem to be mastering pretty quickly. Oh the simple things in life :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The "Final" Weeks

I am avoiding doing any productive work as well as planning my schedule for the next few weeks because I know that these moments of total waste are getting fewer and farther between. I am technically not completely wasting time right now because I am at work making minimum wage to sit at a desk but other than the money that is being earned right now, there is nothing going on in my life utterly pressing which means that I have been doing a whole lot of nothing lately. For the first time the whole semester, I am all caught up on reading. I still have a whole lot of problems to work but they are going to help me on the final exam so I can wait a few days to get started on them.

These past few weeks have been undoubtable easier than the rest of the semester for me. I believe that dropping one of my classes had a lot to do with that because it means that I have less reading and problems to do. I guess I will be studying that stuff all summer though, so it might not be as peachy as I think. Having a job has actually made me be more productive because I get pretty bored sitting at the desk, so I get most of my studying done in the morning. I always worry all semester about my grades in classes and then we get to the end of the semester and I just have to do decent on my finals in order to get sufficient grades in classes. I guess my stressing all semester gives me the luxury to relax a little bit during finals. Testing still gets me uptight though, so I will still strive to do the best I can on my finals. Peace of mind just makes my studying process easier. I just don't want to get too relaxed before finals because then I will just freak out.

I am trying to come to terms with the end of this year (another post for another day)! I have done so much in the past few months that I don't want it to end because I don't know how life can get much better. I am on the downhill swing of college. I only have two more years left to experience everything that this chapter of my life has to offer. I think I am going to make a college bucket list this summer. Every restaurant I want to visit, every activity on campus, and every place in the city of Athens that I need to see before I leave my home away from home. That's probably something I could be doing now with all this extra time on my hands but I know that crunch time is right around the corner. This post is actually making me worry about everything that I might need to be doing between now and the end of the year.

I hope that I have time to post within the next few weeks but my school work should come first. We are getting down to the wire and I am determined to finish out this semester strong!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I learn something new every day in the Terry College of Business. Yes, I know I am in school and learning is why I struggle out of bed every morning, but I never realized how much learning takes place outside of books and tests.

We had a speaker in my management class this morning and he was telling us ways to succeed in the business world. All of his points started to make me think about my life as an undergraduate student and the life I want to have after I leave the University. I really have no idea what's in store for me when I enter the "real world" which makes my Type A personality go a little crazy. I want my life to be planned but each day I am in college I realize it's easier to have long term goals and just live my life to the best of my abilities each day to achieve those goals. I believe that my actions influence the opportunities that I am presented with on a daily basis but I also have to believe that there is a plan for my life that is out of my control.

All of those factors considered, I tend to question "life in general" fairly often. Will I be happy working in the business world? Will I be able to have the family I have always dreamed about? How will my dreams change when I do enter the work force? I have always had a picture of how I thought my life would end up but with each passing "lesson" I am realizing that my dreams and the path that my life is taking right now are different. Since I am unaware of what the real world has in store for me, I don't know when my dreams and the life I am living will cross paths but I know that when I get to that part of my life I will learn how to handle whatever life throws at me.

I think the lecture that I heard today was just the icing on the cake of a balanced week for me. Yes, I had a finance test last night that the professor had to apologize for after the fact because he didn't even realize how brutal it was before making us sit through it for 2.5 hours, but that is just one slot of time in a week that is made up of 168 hours. I also took time this week to reconnect with Habitat's overall purpose and help people I care about not lose their minds over preparing for this weekend. I am so content with my life this week that it makes me wonder what is lurking around the corner. Good or bad, I am ready for whatever comes next.

Moral of the story: one of my peers this morning asked our guest speaker "how do you measure success?" and our speaker replied that he had no idea how much he was worth but he knows that he has the freedom to do what he wants when he wants to do. I think that might be the perfect answer to that question. Who doesn't want the ability to travel the world on your own ticket without anything holding you back? Traveling the world is definitely not the first thing on my list but it's just the idea of knowing that you control your life because you have the resources to make your own decisions that is empowering. Now, I have to take these lessons and actually apply them to my life going forward...should be an interesting ride!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011!

So, my big plans for spring break consist of me being at home for seven straight days of peace and relaxation! Go ahead and call me lame for not partaking in all the wildness that takes place on the white sandy beaches of the gulf! I fully plan on partaking in all that wildness next year when I can legally have a good time!

Coming home for spring break is exactly what I needed this year. The first two and half months of this semester have been a huge learning experience for me. I have had to figure out how to time manage more than I ever had to before and I haven't been doing that good of a job. It's really hard to live in a sorority house because there is always something else you would rather be doing. There is always someone around willing to procastinate with you. My living situation has been both good and bad for me because it has forced me to be more outgoing and get to know the people that I live with but it has also made me think that being social is the only important aspect of life and it is having negative effects on my performance in school.

I am also taking some of the hardest classes that I have ever been in this semester. No one can really talk until they actually start to get into their major classes. Learning what you are actually going to be practicing in the real world is a whole nother ball game than just memorizing facts for a required lower level class. I don't want to be the Accounting major without a life though. I refuse to only focus on my studies because in the end that is not going to make me a better person. I need to learn how to interact with people as well as how to give back to my community because both of those things can only add to my career later in life. I want to succeed but I also want to make sure that I enjoy the ride.

I needed to come home for Spring Break to rejuvenate my life. I need to get caught up on school work so that I can go back feeling confident about the rest of the semester. I also just need to rest and reconnect with people I haven't talked to in a while. Taking a break is what everyone needs once in a while.

Today was my first day of spring break and it was a day of perfect balance. I got to catch up on sleep, catch up on some of my tv shows and started the process of catching up on school work. I am so looking forward to this week! I know that might make me a nerd but I don't care. Taking care of yourself is the most important aspect of your life and this week of balance is just what the doctor ordered!

The name of the game is taking care of yourself, because you're going to live long enough to wish you had.” - Grace Mirabella

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sisterhood Retreat 2011!

I am guessing that the title of this post is somewhat unfamilar to some people. Sisterhood in the form of a sorority is not something that everyone chooses to par take in. I wasn't even sure if being in a sorority was the right thing for me when I first joined. I knew that I needed a small group of people on campus because I am really shy and I wouldn't have been able to meet people on my own. Jumping into something like a sorority the first week in college is a lot to handle, but I came to college telling myself that I was going to take what life threw my way. I didn't realize that being in a sorority would be the best decision that I made coming into college.

That decision is reconfirmed everyday that I spend in Athens. I never thought that I would have a 150 girls yelling "Dang" every time I walk into a room or the confidence to get over my shyness. Being a part of a sorority and living in the house has made me realize that there are so many people in this world. I would never have come into contact with most of my sisters because (a) UGA is a huge place and (b) we all comes from different walks of life. All my sisters have shaped the way I deal with people and life in general. I feel blessed every day that I get to spend with each and everyone of my sisters.

Today, we had our sisterhood retreat and I learned so much more about why I love Delta Gamma! I was almost in tears at the end of the retreat because everyone takes something different from their experience with Delta Gamma yet we all wouldn't be the people that we are today without each other. My sisters are some of the most important people in my life and I can't do anything without them. I know that two years from now when I have to say good bye to this part of my life I am going to be in tears but I will have to look back on college and say that Delta Gamma made my four years worth it.

I always go back to the idea that I am living life one day at a time. Delta Gamma affects me every day and it is something I would never be able to live without and I love the fact that I am reminded on a daily basis how much Delta Gamma means to me.  Shout out:  PC 09 got that boom boom pow!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dance Marathon 2011

"There's a little bit of insanity in dancing that does everyone a great deal of good"

It's that time of year again! It's that one day in which UGA students come together to give back for 24 straight hours. It's 24 hours filled with a morale dance, numerous performances, food and fun! That's right it's UGA Miracle's Dance Marathon.

I have been a part of Miracle for the last two years. Last year I was really involved and raised well over my goal for fundraising. When it came time for Dance Marathon, I was a little hesitant about how I was going to stay up all night, but the DGs made a great team and stuck it out. I will never forget the closing ceremonies in which the total fundraising amount was announced and we all got to cut off our hospital bracelets because we had given 24 hours of our busy lives to the kids! I was literally in tears and knew that those 24 hours had forever changed how I view the world.

This year, my life has changed a little bit. I am more involved with Delta Gamma, Habitat for Humanity and my school work. I also have a job that prevented me from attending the Team Member meetings for Miracle last semester. I have been out of touch with Miracle for the whole year, but I knew that I needed to show up at Dance Marathon to show my support. I got up this morning and treked on over to Tate. As soon as I walked in the door, every memory from last year came flooding back. Those 24 hours in which I heard from numerous children about how they beat their illnesses...continually hearing that they would not be alive if it weren't for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Children's Miracle Network. Throughout the past two years I have met numerous people who are Miracle children. This program has been going on for years and you never realize how many people it affects until you start talking to others.

I regret not being more involved with Miracle this year. I have been fortunate that no one in my family has had to use the services of Children's Healthcare but I have learned through Miracle that no one knows what tomorrow is going to bring. UGA's efforts are making a difference daily in the lives of children and I will be forever greatful that I had the opportunity see our efforts pay off. I wish that I didn't have to study for a test this afternoon or try to sleep off whatever sickness is dragging me down. I would love to be at the marathon dancing the night away with children who have gone through so much more than me in such a short period of time.

I can't say enough about the impact of 24 hours. Next year will be different. I will once again be at Dance Marathon for the whole 24 hours in order to show my support. I am thinking about all the people who are there now and praying that their experience is just as worthwhile as mine was last year!

No matter where my life leads me I will always remember the impact that UGA Miracle and Children's Miracle Network has on the UGA's campus and the rest of the world. I will always be FTK (For The Kids)!!! 

"Miracles happen to those who believe in them" 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I wouldn't call myself a music expert. I don't compare the beats or rhythms of similar songs or try to teach myself how to play an instrument. I have always looked at music as something to do while in the car or something that wakes me up in the morning. I just never considered the impact that music has on everyone.

There are probably a lot of people who think I have horrible taste in music. My iTunes is filled with more than my fair share of country albums along with a number of other songs that are just taking up space on my computer. I could probably fit all the songs that I actually listen to on less than 10 CDs. Like I said, I am not a music aficionado.

What I have discovered about music this week is that it's an outlet that can perfectly match all the emotions that you are feeling at a particular time. Out of all my songs, I usually know before I turn on my computer what song will put me in just the right mood. If I am thinking about life in general, I turn to either one of my trusty country bands or some mellow rock. If my emotions are all up in the air then there is usually one song that I know and love. And if I just want to be on the beach not worrying about a thing, I usually turn to trusty old Zac Brown.

I love the fact that I can always thinks of lyrics to songs but I don't get into these moods too often. My day/week has to be pretty emotional for me to feel the need to listen to music on a regular basis. This week has been one of those weeks and all the listening I have done this week has made me realize how important music is. It has the power to change people's emotions in a moment and sometimes its just one of those things that's good for the soul!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


There are mounds and mounds of snow in Athens at this very moment! I came back to this great city yesterday and I was kind of freaking out about having to go back to school tomorrow. There were just some things that I hadn't had the chance to do over break and I really wanted to get done before classes started.

I have been blessed with one more day of break and I have realized how wonderful snow is. Snow is just utter bliss! It is white and creates a blanket on the world. People in Georgia don't see snow very often and for once I am finally enjoying. There is a balance between work and play. Tomorrow will be the best day for me to enjoy myself as well as get those last minute things checked off my list.

I will upload pictures soon. Athens is beautiful tonight and I am loving my life!