Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The "Final" Weeks

I am avoiding doing any productive work as well as planning my schedule for the next few weeks because I know that these moments of total waste are getting fewer and farther between. I am technically not completely wasting time right now because I am at work making minimum wage to sit at a desk but other than the money that is being earned right now, there is nothing going on in my life utterly pressing which means that I have been doing a whole lot of nothing lately. For the first time the whole semester, I am all caught up on reading. I still have a whole lot of problems to work but they are going to help me on the final exam so I can wait a few days to get started on them.

These past few weeks have been undoubtable easier than the rest of the semester for me. I believe that dropping one of my classes had a lot to do with that because it means that I have less reading and problems to do. I guess I will be studying that stuff all summer though, so it might not be as peachy as I think. Having a job has actually made me be more productive because I get pretty bored sitting at the desk, so I get most of my studying done in the morning. I always worry all semester about my grades in classes and then we get to the end of the semester and I just have to do decent on my finals in order to get sufficient grades in classes. I guess my stressing all semester gives me the luxury to relax a little bit during finals. Testing still gets me uptight though, so I will still strive to do the best I can on my finals. Peace of mind just makes my studying process easier. I just don't want to get too relaxed before finals because then I will just freak out.

I am trying to come to terms with the end of this year (another post for another day)! I have done so much in the past few months that I don't want it to end because I don't know how life can get much better. I am on the downhill swing of college. I only have two more years left to experience everything that this chapter of my life has to offer. I think I am going to make a college bucket list this summer. Every restaurant I want to visit, every activity on campus, and every place in the city of Athens that I need to see before I leave my home away from home. That's probably something I could be doing now with all this extra time on my hands but I know that crunch time is right around the corner. This post is actually making me worry about everything that I might need to be doing between now and the end of the year.

I hope that I have time to post within the next few weeks but my school work should come first. We are getting down to the wire and I am determined to finish out this semester strong!

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