College Bucket List

Things to Do before Leaving Athens:  

Eat at these restaurants
  • 5 & 10
  • Amici
  • Black Forest Bakery   
  • Clocked
  • DePalma's
  • East West Bistro
  • Ike & Jane
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Mama's Boy
  • Speakeasy
  • The Grit
  • King of Pops
  • The Grainery
  • Beer-a-Rita's at Fuzzy's
  • Five Star Day
  • Marty's at Midday
  • The Grill
  • OK Coffee Stand
  • The Melting Point
  • Hodgson's
  • The Branded Butcher
  • George's Low Country Table 

  1. Go to the Georgia Theatre
  2. Get a DG family picture by the downtown frog
  3. Get 21st B'day shirt from Athens Bottling Co
  4. Find the Creamery
  5. Go to the Athens Farmer's Market 
  6. Find the Iron Horse
  7. Frolic in the fountain on North Campus
  8. Spend an afternoon in the Founder's Garden 
  9. Ring the Chapel Bell
  10. Go to Georgia Florida
  11. Go to Jimmy Buffett
  12. See the UGA Acappella groups in concert
  13. Get a picture with our mascots
  14. Stand on the football field
  15. Get a picture by the "tree that owns itself"
  16. Be in Athens for Athfest
  17. Go to a baseball game
  18. Go to a basketball game
  19. Go to a gymnastics meet
  20. Go to a few away football games
  21. Ride a bike through Athens
  22. Go to the Botanical Gardens
  23. Go to the Georgia Museum of Art
  24. Go to the Athens Zoo
  25. Experience Face Off
  26. Go to the Rodeo
  27. Take a picture with Bernard Ramsey
  28. Kayak down the Broad
  29. Go to Terrapin 
  30. Go downtown on each night of the week
  31. Spend time in the Chapel
  32. Experience Twilight Weekend
  33. Go to Sips and Strokes to paint
  34. Get a hot dog from the hot dog guy near North Campus
  35. Walk throught the Arch- meaning that my time at UGA is done and hopefully I have had the time of my life!!

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