Thursday, February 17, 2011


I wouldn't call myself a music expert. I don't compare the beats or rhythms of similar songs or try to teach myself how to play an instrument. I have always looked at music as something to do while in the car or something that wakes me up in the morning. I just never considered the impact that music has on everyone.

There are probably a lot of people who think I have horrible taste in music. My iTunes is filled with more than my fair share of country albums along with a number of other songs that are just taking up space on my computer. I could probably fit all the songs that I actually listen to on less than 10 CDs. Like I said, I am not a music aficionado.

What I have discovered about music this week is that it's an outlet that can perfectly match all the emotions that you are feeling at a particular time. Out of all my songs, I usually know before I turn on my computer what song will put me in just the right mood. If I am thinking about life in general, I turn to either one of my trusty country bands or some mellow rock. If my emotions are all up in the air then there is usually one song that I know and love. And if I just want to be on the beach not worrying about a thing, I usually turn to trusty old Zac Brown.

I love the fact that I can always thinks of lyrics to songs but I don't get into these moods too often. My day/week has to be pretty emotional for me to feel the need to listen to music on a regular basis. This week has been one of those weeks and all the listening I have done this week has made me realize how important music is. It has the power to change people's emotions in a moment and sometimes its just one of those things that's good for the soul!

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