Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sisterhood Retreat 2011!

I am guessing that the title of this post is somewhat unfamilar to some people. Sisterhood in the form of a sorority is not something that everyone chooses to par take in. I wasn't even sure if being in a sorority was the right thing for me when I first joined. I knew that I needed a small group of people on campus because I am really shy and I wouldn't have been able to meet people on my own. Jumping into something like a sorority the first week in college is a lot to handle, but I came to college telling myself that I was going to take what life threw my way. I didn't realize that being in a sorority would be the best decision that I made coming into college.

That decision is reconfirmed everyday that I spend in Athens. I never thought that I would have a 150 girls yelling "Dang" every time I walk into a room or the confidence to get over my shyness. Being a part of a sorority and living in the house has made me realize that there are so many people in this world. I would never have come into contact with most of my sisters because (a) UGA is a huge place and (b) we all comes from different walks of life. All my sisters have shaped the way I deal with people and life in general. I feel blessed every day that I get to spend with each and everyone of my sisters.

Today, we had our sisterhood retreat and I learned so much more about why I love Delta Gamma! I was almost in tears at the end of the retreat because everyone takes something different from their experience with Delta Gamma yet we all wouldn't be the people that we are today without each other. My sisters are some of the most important people in my life and I can't do anything without them. I know that two years from now when I have to say good bye to this part of my life I am going to be in tears but I will have to look back on college and say that Delta Gamma made my four years worth it.

I always go back to the idea that I am living life one day at a time. Delta Gamma affects me every day and it is something I would never be able to live without and I love the fact that I am reminded on a daily basis how much Delta Gamma means to me.  Shout out:  PC 09 got that boom boom pow!!

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