Monday, July 4, 2011

The Weekend

What an amazing weekend it has been! For the past few weeks I have started to discover how relaxing it is being at my own house slowly marking things off my To Do list while also being lazy. It's an odd sense of peace that I don't think I have ever experienced.

Finding enjoyment out of the little things is definitely something that I have tried to work on this summer. I can tell what kind of day I am going to have at work just by the attitude that I have when I get into the car and by the attitude that my girls have when they greet me. It's very funny to me how early children start to pick up on underlying emotions. This experience has truly made me discover that if I get up every morning and decide to have a good attitude, my day will probably go smoother than when I get up hating my job. Seems like a pretty good goal for the next year of my life...find a way to be in control of my attitude on a daily basis and strive to make each day as good as the last.

I have also been in worker bee mode this weekend. Maybe it's the realizing that I have four short weeks left before I will be back in Athens or maybe it's realizing that I have been lazy for a few too many days, but I have been baking, sewing, reading and relaxing the last 72 hours. I want to be able to do this stuff all the time. I think I am trying to soak in as much enjoyment as possible before heading back to school because I know that when classes start back that life becomes more routine.

I have found hobbies which might make me sound like a 90 year old women but who cares! I enjoy knitting and working on puzzles. There is such satisfaction in both of these activities. I finally finished one of the puzzles I have been working on for possibly the last five years and miracuously all the pieces were still intact after being moved multiple times.

The biggest part of this weekend has been me realizing that great satisfaction comes from spending time with people I care about. Like everyone says, we only have this one life to do the things we want to do. We don't have a do over and life doesn't have a sequel. Life isn't always about trying to be the smartest person in the room and while doing so avoiding social interaction. Life is and always will be social. It's a necessity to the survival of human beings. I am not saying that this realization has completely changed my social attitude but it has definitely given me perspective. I am still going to be my quiet, observant self but what do I have to lose by making myself be social. In the long run, putting myself out there will probably do more good to my self esteem than harm.

All of these realizations come from a weekend in which I spent Friday night at home, Saturday night at the baseball game and Sunday night at the fairgrounds enjoying a fireworks display from "behind the scenes". Now I get to spend the day with my family and getting myself ready to get back to work tomorrow, but isn't that what lifes suppose to be...full days of work followed by days of relaxing. I have come to think so.

Happy 4th of July!! A time for food, fun and a little bit of reflection =)

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