Monday, June 11, 2012

Dangling with a Business Trip

So, I am kind of behind on posting but I am really trying to remember everything that has been happening the last few weeks and will try to give a complete overview!

I spent my day off watching Cake Boss. It felt great to relax for what feels like the first time this summer! I also got ready to go on my first business trip. On Tuesday, I worked all day and then flew to Atlanta. The Baton Rouge airport is so small! If you get to the airport 30 minutes before your plane leaves then you will probably still make it. It is so different from a big city airport. I got to see my parents because they picked me up at the airport. On Wednesday, we started our internship training in Atlanta. We learned all about the different positions available in the company and learned about the culture. That night we went to the Braves game and they started their winning streak! We had more training on Thursday and then I headed to the airport. I met another intern right before we got on Marta. We had a mishap with the traveling on Marta but we got to laugh about it and we had four hours to waste at Hartsfield-Jackson. I walked through Concourses A-D and got to eat at Sweetwater! It was really tiring taking a business trip during the week. You do so much with such a small amount of time. I feel into bed when I got home from the airport. On Friday, it was the first day of closing which means that I was learning more about general accounting. My sister and mom came into town on Saturday and I was so excited! It is a completely different experience living away from them. They were coming to see me and the town that I live in, so we got to be tourist and I got to enjoy having them around. On Sunday, we went out to St. Francisville to see the Rosedown Plantation. I didn't enjoy all this tourist stuff when I was younger but now that I have a limited time in a city I really want to get the most out of the experience. We ate at a great cafe in St. Francisville and drove around downtown Baton Rouge to see where I should visit on my own.

All-in-all, it was a great week living on my own. I felt grown up by traveling on my own and hosting my mom and sister. I know that life is gong to work out in my favor because I am willing to take chances. I was so shy up until my sophomore year of college and I still have those introvert tendencies but I also realize that I can make myself happy on my own.

Movie of the Week: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close- a great movie that really let me just get all my emotions out. There wasn't necessarily one ending. It was one of those movies that let you come to your own conclusions. It was about healing and the bond between families. It was completely different from Top Gun but I needed it.

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