Monday, May 28, 2012

Dangling with a Cork

I made it through my first week in Baton Rouge! It was full of learning about Georgia Pacific and figuring out what to do at night but overall it was a great week!

I cooked my first meal on Tuesday night. It was a Dangler standard with pasta and fruit but it has been great getting to decide what I want to eat each day. It cost a lot to provide for yourself but I know it is going to be fun to try different recipes over the summer. Later in the week, I made chicken which was even more of an experience. I didn’t have all the ingredients that I needed to get the pan ready, so I might have burned the butter I used to coat the pan once. After I cleared out the little bit of smoke, I cooked the chicken which I thought was pretty successful. In the end, I put it in the microwave for two minutes just to make sure that it was cooked. I am looking forward to becoming more comfortable over the summer with my chicken cooking skills.

Throughout the week, I was learning all about the processes of the plant and how those processes affect the accounting process. On Tuesday, I got to take a tour of a few of the buildings but I am really looking forward to getting the full tour in a few weeks. There is a huge project going on at the plant right now, so they are being extra cautious with safety. One of the big projects I am going to be working on over the summer is Maintenance Labor Reporting which involves a lot of input from the maintenance workers at the plant and then the accounting department uses their input to analyze cost. I have the opportunity to help with this process and make an impact on how the process works in the future. It will be great to see how all the projects I am working on will progress over the summer.

The most interesting part of the week is having all the time after work. I have realized that I should probably be going out after work to experience Baton Rouge because my weekends are limited but this past week I just wanted to relax at my apartment. I started to study for the GMAT. I don’t think it is going to be as bad as I was expecting it to be but it definitely takes brain power. I also started reviewing my Leonard PDLP because I realized over the course of the semester that there are some crucial elements that I left out when I originally wrote it. It is also great because I can incorporate my feelings about my internship into how I want to move forward in school and in my career.  It’s a great mix of working at the plant, hanging out, and slowly progressing on personal projects.

Now, the explanation for the title of this post. When I got here last weekend I went grocery shopping and decided that I deserved a little treat, so I bought a bottle of wine. I checked out and never even considered how I was going to enjoy my treat. I figured that an apartment complex that caters to business people would have something as simple as a wine opener. Next thing I know I am looking up makeshift corkscrews on my phone (internet was still out at this point). When that didn’t work, I decided to add a corkscrew to the grocery list. With everything going on at work, I didn’t get to the store again until this Saturday. I made sure to get a corkscrew and that night I decided to enjoy a glass of my treat. Well, once again I could not get the cork to budge. I was about to break the bottle when the cork finally gave in. It’s funny how one experience can really make you think about living on your own. I have spent a lot of time by myself this weekend and even though I like having the time by myself, I don’t want to miss out on the experience of meeting people from Baton Rouge. It’s only the first week, so I still have a lot of the adventure left!
Movie of the Week: It’s my goal to watch more movies this summer because I tend to miss out on a lot of movies and I have the time to do it. So this week, it was Top Gun. I had to see what the Danger Zone is all about since my nickname incorporates it. It was a good movie…a great mix of action and a love story.

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