Monday, May 28, 2012

Dangling through the First Day

So, this entry has a similar title as a previous post but a very different experience.
Today was my actual first day at my internship. I got up at 6:00 a.m. and got all ready to go. I wore my new favorite business casual outfit and straightened my hair for the occasion. I got in the car and was worried because it was a little bit farther than I was expecting it to be but fortunately there is hardly any traffic in Louisiana, so I made it right on time. I walked around the whole administrative building meeting all the people in a few different departments. It is going to be hard to remember everyone’s names but I am sure I will get the hang of it eventually. My supervisor showed me my cubicle and we got all signed into all the systems I am going to be using throughout the summer.

Then, we were off to lunch at a great restaurant that is down the road from the office. It was a little cafĂ© that had a variety of menu options including seafood and sandwiches. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese which is probably one of the best lunches I will have all summer. After lunch, my supervisor continued to show me around Zachary and then we went to get me some safety shoes that I will need to wear when I am working in the manufacturing part of the plant. I never dreamed that I would have to wear safety shoes during an internship but its all part of the experience. Also, I pretty much decided today that I will be wearing pretty casual clothes all summer. It’s upsetting that I won’t get to wear all of my new skirts but it gives me a reason to go buy some more tops!

After we got back to the office, my supervisor was helping with some utility issues, so I got my email organized and starting looking at my roles, responsibilities and expectations for the summer. I am going to be learning so much and working on so many different projects. I am really excited about everything that I will be learning and I think that it will give me a great understanding of business and where I see myself fitting into the business world. I started working on a project today to help reconcile some tax issues that the facility has been dealing with. I didn’t completely understand what I was doing in the beginning but I took everyone’s advice and starting asking a lot of questions. It’s so cool because now when I go into work tomorrow I already have a project waiting for me.

I wanted to reward myself with Mexican food after work today because I had a craving for cheese dip. To my surprise, Baton Rouge does not have any of the standard Mexican places I am use to dining at in Athens. I tried a new place but their queso is definitely not as good. Now, I am just trying to stay awake until a little bit later. It was kind of an exhausting day but I am so grateful that I am getting this experience. I am ready to go back to work tomorrow and then possibly get started on all the other stuff I have planned for the summer. I am using the excuse that I don’t have internet to take a few more days off from my outside responsibilities. Well, I hope today is an indication of how the rest of the summer is going to go because if so then I know it will be a worthwhile experience.

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