Monday, June 18, 2012

Dangling with the Family

So, as soon as I got back from my trip to Atlanta the worldwind adventure kicked up a notch. My mom and sister came into town on Saturday and we decided to go to one of the tourist restaurants in town. My tongue is slowly getting use to the cajun flavor that is used on everything in Baton Rouge. Also, we got to hear some Cajun music and see all the old couples dance which I thoroughly enjoyed...really makes me want to take dance lessons! On Sunday, we decided to make our way to St. Francisville. I got to show my mom and sister where I am working on a daily basis and we took a trip to the back side of the plant to see the new building ang the National Cemetary that is located near the mill.

After a trip around the plant, we made our way to Rosedown Plantation. It is an absolutely beautiful plantation home and has acres of gardens that can be walked through after the tour. We learned about the history of the house and got to take a ton of pictures. I wish my internet was fast enough to post these pictures haha! My biggest discovery about this weekend was that it is great to have people visit you when you are living in a different city. I enjoy the time that I get to spend by myself during the week but living this far away from home has made me realize how important it is to spend time with your family. We got to experience Baton Rouge together and I could not have asked for two better people to keep me company.

This week at work was the first that I got to experience working later hours. I had plans to fly home for the Jimmy Buffett concert, so I had to make up the hours that I was going to be missing on Friday. Fortunately, my supervisor gave me a project that can fill up hours of a day or weeks at a time, so I was not lacking in tasks to complete. I am keeping the company in business these days because I am printing a million invoices, putting them in numerical order, and keying in the appropriate information. That week I also got back to keeping myself accountable by making list in my planner. I knew it was going to come around eventually and it really does make me feel better to be organized.

The best part about the week was probably getting to catch up with one of the other interns. I was really interested in watching the CMT Music Awards but I got caught up in a great conversation instead. I think the best part of the internship is getting to know other people who I might not have met otherwise and I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer brings.

It was a pretty average week for me but I am still trying to absorb every experience. Everything about this situation makes you think and you have to learn how to control what you think about on a regular basis. I know there are some people who would go crazy with this much alone time but I believe it is making me a better person.

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