Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Good Times

So I feel like my blog usually becomes a platform for my issues in life, but this post is different. The last few days have been great! I found out that I made a good grade on my Accounting tests. I was really productive yesterday in regards to my HUGE extracurricular activity project. And my family came to see me today in Athens.

My parents came to Athens today because my sorority was hosting a family day event. We actually didn't make an appearance at the sorority house until around 5 pm because we were also celebrating my birthday. The day started off with a tailgate for Habitat for Humanity. We recycle cans as a fundraiser and our tailgate was to advocate for that fundraiser. My parents don't usually come to games, so when they got the chance to tailgate today they went all out. I don't usually get so excited about food but who wouldn't when there is chick-fil-a nuggets and brownies in the same place. My day just got better because even though it was cold at the game, the Dawgs won big. Then my parents treated me to a wonderful dinner at my new favorite restaurant in Athens, Doc Chey's and I got pumpkin yogurt for dessert. I got my birthday presents from my family and I love everything I got. I don't want to harp on gifts but it was just nice to spend time with my family.

I know this day seems really simple to most people but I needed a day to just enjoy the simple things in life. I need to remember the times in life that I enjoy the most. School and extracurriculars are important but so is relaxation. This day is good and I know tomorrow is going to be productive. These are the good times!

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