Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My first week of 20 has been about the same as most weeks in my life, but there has definitely been a change in my attitude. I am excited for everyday that 20 throws my way and I know that I can only learn from it. I guess that segways into my point.

I have obviously had a hectic week because it is getting near Thanksgiving Break which means finals are right around the corner which means that Habitat Gift Wrap is right around the corner which means that Christmas is right around the corner! Stop, think about the next few days, not the next two months! I need to focus on last week to convey my point.

The most important aspect of my life the last week has been the concept of building. Every step that we take in our lives leads to something else. A decision I make today will at least affect tomorrow if not further into the future. I had my advising appointment last week where I had to make decisions about my class schedule. I still don't know if I made the right decision but Oasis has a redo option, so I am not too worried. I also had to take a professional picture for the business school and attend a welcoming luncheon for the business school. The way I come off in the picture or the interactions I had with my fellow peers/advisors at the luncheon will undoubtable have an impact on my next two years because my first impression will most likely be interpreted a certain way. Those two actions were building a future for me in terms of my career. I don't think that I made a bad first impression, but it's just an example :-)

Building though is something so much more important to me. If you don't know, I am involved with Habitat for Humanity. Habitat's goal is to build decent, affordable shelters for those in need. I have worked on both sides of Habitat's mission. My sophomore year in high school, I went to a site that in the morning only had a foundation and by the afternoon I was climbing off the roof of the first floor. If that doesn't make someone want to help the greater good, I don't know what does :-) These people that need Habitat homes are trying to build a life for themselves that is better than what they had. I am helping them build that life by giving numerous hours to UGA's gift wrapping fundraiser. Everything I do for Habitat, I do with love. It brings out the best in me and helps me remember that I am only a small fraction of this world.

I think the best thing about Habitat is that is remembers there are some people that just need a favor. This past Saturday, I went to build that was completely different from the one I first went on five years ago. The site we arrived at already had a house sitting on the land. What might you asked did we do? We built a ramp for a family that needed stable access into their home. We provided a safe way for the family to roam in and out of their home as they pleased. It was just as much work as putting in the first floor of the house, but I think it was more rewarding because it makes you realize that the simple things in life are really what matter most.

I can't even express in written words how excited and alive I feel when I talk about my experiences with Habitat. Even though the coordination of fundraisers may be stressful and time consuming, it is definitely worth it when I see my hard work being put to good use. Habitat for Humanity is something I will be involved in for the rest of my life because just like the hammer securing that last nail in place, Habitat has built my life into something much better than it was before I got involved.

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