Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So if you didn't know from my previous posts, today is my birthday! I have had a few conversations with my roommate about how stressful birthdays are because you have to react when opening presents. Presents are surprises that you know are coming, which is a really hard state of mind to put yourself in. This year though, I got an actual surprise from my parents. Usually I just go with my mom to pick out what she should give me for my birthday and then the day of my birthday is pretty uneventful. My parents came up on Saturday to help me celebrate and that is when I got my big surprise. It was a beautiful Coach purse that matches my grown up suit so well. Yeah that's right. I now own a suit. It's a very scary thought for a just turned 20 year old but it's a consequence of being a semester ahead in college. You get to those milestones of life earlier than most (story of my life actually). 

So my birthday ended up turning into a week celebration. Today was the best day ever! I had to go to work this morning at oh dark thirty, but it was so quiet that I got all my work done (still on track to not having homework over Thanksgiving Break!). Once I got back from class, I just chilled until I went to Your Pie for dinner (subway of the pizza market) and then I got birthday cake ice cream at marble slab. The best thing about today was just being surprised all the time with a simple "Happy Birthday" from someone I have met within the last year and half of my life. I felt blessed by everyone who took the minute to wish me a happy birthday. It's knowing that people care and that I will return the favor when their birthday comes. Some of my previous posts have not been so cheery because life has been so hectic. I am taking my own advice and focusing on the little things in life.

Happy Birthday to me! I am celebrating the fact that I have a very blessed life and I don't know what I would do without each and every person who I cross paths with on a daily basis. My life (each and every day) is shaped by those around me...not the presents I receive (even if they are the best presents I have gotten) or the stressful times that might burden me (especially since I tend to focus on them). I don't want to make predictions about this next year of my life because you never know if those expectations are going to be fulfilled. Isn't it better to be surprised by life than disappointed by the things that don't come?! I can say though that I have been 20 for almost 12 hours now and they have definitely been 12 hours to remember!

Both of my cute new purses! One for casual things and one for growing up :)

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