Monday, July 2, 2012

Dangling in NOLA!

That's right, I spent the weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana! I had been looking forward to this weekend since I got to Baton Rouge. I wasn't really too worried about planning anything and I was just going to have a good time!

I was not disappointed with our weekend excursion! I got to get off early and got to New Orleans just in time to pick up Audrey, Leslie and Julia at the airport. We made our way to our hotel in the center of the French Quarter and got ready for our first night on the town. We headed to Pat O'Briens thinking that we could eat dinner and listen to the dueling pianist. We were wrong and it ended up with us getting hurricanes before dinner. After that we realized that we really needed dinner so we headed out to Bourbon Street to find some authentic New Orleans food. We ate at a restaurant overlooking Bourbon Street and really got to see all the hype. We joined the hype and walked down most of Bourbon but then we decided to go in some place and just hang out. Unfortunately, we all got tired pretty quickly, so it was an early night.

On Saturday, we headed to Cafe Beignet to try the first of two beignet places. It was definitely a great way to start the morning. After that it was up to the Garden District for a walking tour. I loved the Garden District because it was the perfect combination of old style houses and a lovely community. We got to see Sandra Bullock's house as well as Archie Manning's and John Goodman's. We also got to learn about some of the legends of New Orleans. It was definitely a lot of walking but I am glad that I got to see it. We headed to the opposite side of the French Quarter for a muffalatta and then come shopping. I didn't find anything to buy but I did start thinking about the possibility of decorating my own apartment. I can't wait to be able to walk around cities and find something that is my style. We decided that we didn't need to experience Bourbon Street again, so we got a great dinner at the Red Fish Grill and then went back to Pat O'Brien's for some more music.

On Sunday, we went to Brennan's for the traditional New Orleans brunch. It was my first time trying a poached egg and I can't say I will be eating another one any time soon. Everything else we got was great though. I really want to learn how to make a baked apple now. We didn't have anything planned for Sunday but it was nice to feel like we had a little bit of a break.

Overalll, this weekend was what I was expecting it to be. I loved being able to travel and see friends. It is a completely new experience for me to be able to go somewhere by myself. I am glad that my parents have pointed out how cool cities can be when you decide to be a tourist and this weekend just reassured me that I need to take advantage of the opportunities to travel now.

P.S. I wish my camera would load pictures right now. Expect a post with just pictures when I get back to Atlanta!

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