Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dangling through a Routine Life

Well, since I got back from New Orleans it has been a pretty average working girl life. It seems crazy to me that I only have a week left in Baton Rouge. The first month of my internship went by just right but doing a lot of the same makes the days go by faster.

It was really interesting having a break right in the middle of the week. I feel like July 4th was much more laid back this year because if you didn't take vacation then it was just another day. Unfortunately, I got a really bad headache so I ended up staying in and watching the fireworks on TV.

On Friday, I settled in for a relaxing weekend. I tried to get to the pool to tan but the weather has been rainy here, so I have not gotten the opportunity. On Sunday, I decided to head to the Denham Springs Antique District. I really don't want to be on my own but it would be fun to decorate an apartment with cool furniture. My headache returned so it was an early night, getting ready to return to work on Monday.

Movie of the Week #1: Water for Elephants- one of the best movies that I have watched this summer. It made me want to read the book which is a powerful statement for a movie. Yes, the movie had some downer parts but it was definitely a good way to spend a Friday night.

Movie of the Week #2: Friday Night Lights- this movie might not be new. I might have seen it before but I couldn't remember. It was definitely different from the other movie I watched this weekend. I really like sports movies that are based on real life but I don't know if I will need to watch this movie again.

This week has really been about preparing myself for the next few weeks. I have had a constant headache for the past five days and I can slowly feel the stress start to build back up in my shoulders. I have a lot to get done before I leave Baton Rouge including finishing some projects at work and packing up my apartment. I also have to get ready to present my final project to corporate which makes me nervous because I am such an introverted person. After all of that is said and done then I have to worry about going back to Athens and figuring out how I want to tackle my senior year of college.

I am really not ready for college to end. There are so many options in front of me and I already have a hard time making decisions. I am so glad that I have gotten the opportunity to work for such a big company this summer. It has given me the ability to figure out where I see myself in the next couple of years. The best thing about my internship has been getting to see a huge manufacturing operation and seeing how that ties into the financial information that the accounting department is handling.

I guess the biggest lesson the past few weeks has been that you have to search for the adventure in life. It is really easy to get into a routine and not having anything to show for a full week of experiences. I know that no matter what I am doing I want to keep myself active. I do not know if that will mean working out more regularly or continuing to stay involved in outside organizations, but I know that I am going to need something to fill my life besides just going to work 40 hours a week.

My goal for the last week in Baton Rouge is to rejuvenate the spirit of adventure that I had at the beginning of the summer. I want to make sure that I do not miss out on any last possibility to have a great experience that will become a story I tell my kids one day! I am currently not satisfied with having a routine life, so I am determined to change it. Watch in my next post how I make this week great and everything I learned this summer!

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