Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dangling through Graduation

So this semester has been pretty lazy with the blog but my excuse is that I have been living out my final undergraduate moments in Athens! It is so hard to believe that four years have already passed but I have so many memories to look back on and I know that I will have very few, if any, regrets. 

Graduation was a whirlwind of activities! I was fortunate to be done with my harder exams on the first two days of finals, so I had a full week to enjoy Athens! I got to have dinner with one of my littles, yogurt with one of my grand littles and breakfast with an old friend. Delta Gamma had a morning full of taking seniors pictures and then a lunch with a bunch of us just catching up. To round out the week of activities, I went on a food tour on Prince Avenue. This week of activities helped me to remember how important it is to just take in each moment. There was so much time this week to just sit back and relax and really cherish the time with some of my great friends.

The day of graduation was awesome and full of everything that I have enjoyed so much in Athens! It started with a roommate breakfast that we dubbed "Happy Graduation Morning"! We opened presents and had donuts, all in the style of a Christmas morning surprise. I will always cherish that time with Allie and Katie because it is the pinnacle of all our memories in the 306. 

Then we headed to the Graduation Brunch for the Leonard Class of 2013. It was a time for my family to sit and chat as well as see all the Leonard's before the rest of the day swept us off our feet. I was honored to receive not only my Certificate in Leadership but also the Journery Award voted on by my peers. This award is given to the person who the class believes has improved the most in leadership development. My receiving of this award just continues to prove to me that Leonard was the best decision that I made in college and its experiences and connections will continue to make an impact on my life for years to come. 

Terry Graduation was a moment for me to reflect on my accounting career and walk across the stage in recognition of completing my BBA degree. Although it was a long ceremony, it was more intimate and I got to see so many people accomplish their own goals.

The pinnacle of the day was UGA Graduation in Sanford Stadium. It is why I walked in spring graduation with my class instead of waiting until next year when I finish my masters. It definitely lived up to my expectation and I got to spend the evening with all of the DGs. Our graduation speaker gave this great metaphor about how "a ship in harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." All of the words were inspiring and just reminded me that I have so much to look forward to in life. 

These last four years have been everything that I have hoped for in college. I will look back on these years fondly and I am so glad that I got to celebrate with these ceremonies. I will never be able to put into words everything I have been feeling the last few weeks but I know that it's special and I will cherish it. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey! 

Stay tuned: on to the next adventure in Austria and Germany! 

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