Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dangling with the Start of Another Year

Well, the goal was to have both my 2012 reflection post and my 2013 ambition post before the New Year but seeing as how that didn't happen, all I can say is better late than never!

If you haven't noticed, the blog got a little bit of an update for 2013. I have changed up the design a bit as well as added some pages of things that I want to accomplish. I am hoping this change will reignite my love of the blogging world as well as encourage me to knock stuff off my multiple list.

This year, I saw that one of my DG sisters had decided to pick watchwords to define her year. I thought that was a great idea because it is something simple that can remind me of what I want to focus on.

So this year my words are:
  • Patience: I can be stuborrn at times and expect things to happen sooner then they are suppose to. I want to take this year to focus on the fact that life works out how it is suppose to in the end and if I practice a little bit of patience I will probably be happier with the results.
  • Spiritual: This idea has been part of my life since my sophomore year of college but I have come to the realization that it is definitely something I need to keep in the forefront of my mind this year. I know that God is watching out for me at all times but I need to figure out how I want to best acknowledge his presence in my life. By the end of 2013, I want to be more secure in my faith and understand my own spirituality better.
  • Trust: This word was not my initial reaction when thinking about 2013 but I think it ties in nicely with both of my other watchwords and it is also one of my core values, so I think it could use some attention. I want to increase my ability to trust this year. I don't want to worry about every detail of my life. I want to trust myself, others and God that as long as I practice patience and stay true to myself, my life is going to be amazing!
I am sure these words will take on more meaning as I continue to think about them throughout the year but I know these short descriptions have already started to make an impact on my year.

Some great things that have already happened this year:
  • Spent New Year's in Orlando and got to see the Dawgs play in the Capital One Bowl.
  • Spent a weekend in Savannah participating in service with the Leonards as well as having our last weekend of good, ole fashioned fun
  • Started my last semester as an undergrad and really looking forward to my classes
  • Worked out 6/6 days the first week of class and feel great about continuing to get stronger to run in another 5K in a few weeks
  • Continue to realize the importance of relationships in helping me grow as a person
If this week is an indication of my year then I can't wait to write my reflection blog at the end of the year because I know I am going to have so many new and challenging experiences. Here's to the followers who are going to join me on this journey!!

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