Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dangling with Me

Well, I got back to Athens about 8 hours ago and I have successfully put my luggage away. It's kind of sad that 8 hours of time equals one task complete but I have to catch up with my roommates and get back into the swing of holding a leadership position.

I was kind of stressing about everything that has been going on in my life, so I decided to take a minute for me. I took a shower because it was something that had to happen but I was hoping it would get me out of my frenzied state. It was definitely the best thing I could of done for myself in the moment. I realized that today's society expects a lot out of our generation. I am involved in so many organizations on campus and each one is giving me valuable experience but sometimes everything in my life collides. It makes me question what is really important to me.

I realized tonight that "me" has to be one of my first priorities. I just spent a week at home doing what I wanted. I read a good book, caught up on my tv shows and most importantly caught up with my family and friends. I came back to Athens knowing that I had about two pages worth of stuff to do and hyperventilating when that list was extended. I am so worried about "doing". I realized tonight that I have to combine doing with "being". I want to be a good friend/daughter. I want to be successful. I want to be in love with my endeavors, so that success comes easily. I am living a pretty good life right now but I know I could spend a little bit more time on me.

I have learned that there are numerous people who have let life pass them by. They have done what they needed to do in order to survive but haven't given much thought to everything life has to offer. My resolve is to make sure that I make time for me. In each phase of my life, I want to question myself and make sure that what I am doing is helpful to me. Taking a step back every once in awhile is nice and necessary...hopefully I can make it a more regular habit in the future.

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