Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dangling with Recruitment

For the last four years, the first two weeks of August have been devoted to sorority recruitment.

Freshman Year: Round 2
My freshman year it was probably one of the most difficult weeks of my life because it was all about finding out where I fit in on such a large campus like UGA. I knew very little about Delta Gamma when I joined but I am so grateful for that now because it has allowed me to be completely immersed in the values of this organization.

My sophomore and junior year there were many ups and downs during the two weeks of recruitment. My sophomore year I made the decision to go home to be with my family and even though I was glad to be with them, it killed me to miss out on my first recruitment with my sisters. My junior year I was stuck in this position of trying to figure out why I truly loved being a Delta Gamma and relating to all of the underclassman that were coming through recruitment. If I had to go back and redo junior year recruitment, I would definitely try to make it more worthwhile and take the opportunity to get closer to my sisters.

This year, the goal was to have a positive attitude and take in every moment because it was the last year that I would experience something like sorority recruitment. At what other time in your life will you spend five days straight talking to girls that you don't know very well and selling them on why your sorority has been the highlight of your college experience? Never, so I wanted to make this year one for the record books. I think my member class and I achieved our goal because this year we saw three years of long days and nights come full circle when we welcomed 74 new members into an organization that has weaved itself into all of our lives. There were smiles and laughs and tears but I wouldn't expect anything different from my sisters.

PC '09
My three years in Delta Gamma have proven so much to me. Every girl goes through recruitment for a number of reasons but what I have found is that those reasons are magnified and broadened throughout your college experience. Most of my good friends will be my sisters and I met my two soul mate best friends by spending most of my free time with them in Deeg Room 306. These 200 women are the people who will forever call me "Dang" and the girls who don't even realized how much of an impact they have made on bringing me out of my shell. Delta Gamma has taught me about selflessness and its impact on being a leader. I have gotten the opportunity to make my own story because of my lack of knowledge going through recruitment. My decisions make an impact on Delta Gamma and I will be able to walk out of college knowing that we both have changed for good. I am continuously impressed by the bond that ties us all together and how it impacts my life every day. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to join such a rewarding organization and that is why recruitment is worthwhile to me because I get to pass this idea on to the next generation of Delta Gammas.

Switching Gears: I went in to the first week of classes completely exhausted from the previous two weeks but knowing that it was worth it. The first week was really about realizing that I am entering what could potentially be my last year in Athens. There are so many items to check off my bucket list and so many options to consider for my future. I am determined to return to my star student glory of freshman year while also dealing with so many emotions and decisions. College has been a time of growth and change for me and this year might be on a whole another level completely but I think that is what makes life so interesting. Stay tuned for more dangling through life!

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